Prism Patch


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Prism Patch's 3-D stained glass "Birthday Prism" suncatcher, is a pleasure to own as a unique architectural home décor accent or to give as an all occasion or birthday gift. It is gender neutral, fitting for any age and a unique newborn keepsake. It can be suspended in a window or placed on a windowsill.
As part of the Birthstone Collection, it is available in all twelve gem stone colours with glittering rhinestone jewels and crystal beads providing the colour. The focal point of this design is the 20mm Precosia Crystal Ball Prism, that has loads of facets which cast an explosion of dancing prisms when the sun hits its surface. Nothing is more effective at symbolizing the uniqueness and organic beauty of each person from the day of their birth. While everyone's birth date gifts them with a birthstone colour, each person fills the lives of those around them like a prism with a rainbow of emotions and memorable moments just by being themselves in a way no one else can.
When given as a gift it becomes extra special and heartfelt when you include a message written by you or by including the poem written by Wanda, inspired by this design.
Materials: Clear textured art glass, birthstone coloured glass rhinestones, birthstone crystal beads, 20mm Precosia crystal faceted ball, copper foil, copper wire, jewelry chain, solder, wooden stand, black patina, wax, gift box.
Size: Approx. 7.65cm x 

” The day you were born
cast a brilliant light,
creating a beautiful
prism of life!
Prism Patch, Wanda Schultz - Poole
*The popular Louis Tiffany construction method of stained glass is made with connective solder that contains lead. Always display out of the reach of children and wash hands after handling it.