The rainbows created when sunlight hits rain droplets in the sky or within perfectly formed dew drops, perched upon leaves as they are kissed by the early morning rays of sunshine, are quiet moments of discovery that fill me with joy. 

These moments in nature are examples of the inspiration behind including crystals, jewels and rhinestones in my work.   Prisms cast from high quality crystals, with their many precision cut faucets, bring a similar experience inside our homes throughout the year!  Its wonderful to watch the explosion of light, and rainbows of glowing colours move within a room on sunny days, as the sun follows its daily arc across the sky.  Additionally, the sight of a crystal glittering and glowing from within its' three dimensional perimeter on cloudy days is equally an uplifting sight.

The size, quantity and shape of the prisms cast from a crystal is directly related to the size of the facets flat surface and number of facets per crystal.  Further to this, crystals with lots of cut facets such as the sphere, cast lots of rainbows in many directions.  Crystals with larger cut facets such as the icicle, cast larger or longer rainbows but not as many in number or direction.

The crystals used in this collection are sourced from European crystal makers Preciosa, Ashfor and Swarovski to ensure the following qualities:  

  • Flawless Optical Purity

  • Highest Brilliance 30% Pbo

  • Very High Brilliance

  • Outstanding Prismatic Rainbow Effects