Christmas in March?

Family Keepsake memento Ornaments

The first day of spring is still a few weeks away but when people ask me what I'm working on these days they are often surprised to hear my response of, "Christmas Ornaments!" Yup, as crazy at it may sound when the holiday season ends I take a little break and then launch full tilt into designing new patterns for the upcoming season and making Christmas Ornaments, each year making more than the year before!

I'm so thankful to my loyal customers who come see me every holiday season to add to their collection. It is an honour to be a part of your traditions and gift giving.  This past season a customer summed up the sentimental value of the ornaments she has been purchasing and I will never forget it, "Christmas is about our beliefs, making time for loved ones and a box of tree ornaments that have become a part of the family. They mark the passage of time by reminding us of people we love, those who are no longer with us, memories, milestones and link us to fun traditions." Pretty amazing right?

Today I am specifically working on a new angel ornament I'll be offering in 2023. When I finish a few of them I'll attach a photo so you can have an extra early sneak peak at one of the colours - so check back! New ornaments are often the first to go at shows.  If you don't want to miss out you can send me an email to pre-order and reserve yours.

What about you...what does your box of tree ornaments mean to you and which one is your favorite and why?  I'd love to know.

Remember... Make time to add a little joy to your everyday in a way that is meaningful to you!

Take care






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