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My garden is an accessible break to my daily routine in all seasons and a major source of inspiration for what energizes me for the day or coming week. Early this morning, tens of thousands of tiny raindrops captured within my blue spruce, left behind as mini gifts by last nights rainstorm, caught my attention the moment I walked out the back door. The rain droplets suspended from the tips of countless individual needles were softly glowing from within by the early morning light kissing their surface.  While the photo I took to share with you does no justice to the illumination of the tree as a whole, I do hope it gives you the ability to imagine it or better yet go out in the early morning after its rained and experience it for yourself, before they disappear!  Equally beautiful to witness is thousands of mini water droplets suspended in the fine foliage of carrot tops.  They glitter more brilliantly than the most exquisitely cut diamond after it rains and the clouds part. When the sun touches the surface of the multitude of rain drops, they collectively explode into dancing prismatic colour as the foliage is caressed into gentle movement by the gentlest of breezes.  Each time I experience these quiet moments of discovery it fills me with a peaceful joy.

These experiences in part are what inspired my company name and inclusion of crystals and rhinestones into several original designs, in addition to my Crystal Angels and Prism Fantasy Collections. Rainbows of colour cast from high quality crystals, with their many precision cut faucets, bring a smaller version of the above experiences inside my home everyday of the year!  Its wonderful to walk into a room and see a crystal glow and glitter from within on a cloudy day or watch the explosion of multiple rainbows of prismatic colour move over the surfaces in my rooms on sunny days as the sun shifts its' position in the sky. They are a part of what adds a little joy to my everyday.  Do you think they could do the same for you?

As part of my Monday morning inspiration, I will be working on uploading the designs that will be a part of my website in my Crystal Angels and Prism Fantasy Collections.  Remember, that at shows and from time to time on the website other styles will be available in limited quantities.

Lastly, if you garden or enjoy spending time outdoors in nature, I'd love to hear what you find most inspiring, what season is your favorite and why.

Take care in the week ahead and remember to "add a little joy to your everyday!"

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