Saying Goodbye...

Dogs Family Keepsake memento

Its's never a good time to say goodbye to a cherished member of the family.  That is what we were unexpectedly faced with this past week.

We received Tawny, a beautiful, gentle, patient Golden Retriever when she was 2 years old from National Service Dogs.  It was our privilege for Tawny to be a loved member of our family for 10 years.  She continuously amazed us over the years, by her ability to be so in tune and offer her support and calming abilities naturally and tirelessly.  Her positive impact and valuable contribution to our family was cherished - our hearts eternally grateful.

It's impossible to imagine unless you experience it, the magnitude these special dogs have on a family, especially the person they bond with and support - empowering full potential. Our grief as a family is deep.  It is only now, having gone through this experience, that I can say I truly understand why people want a memento of a cherished pet after it passes.  They become a part of you, they make you a better human and a memento honors their memory, service and unconditional giving through life's ups and downs.

So while it will not be a creation offered for sale, this weeks top inspiration is to design a stained glass suncatcher, fashioned in the likeness of Tawny's paw print.  The paw print will be in black as the bottom of her paw was, with perhaps angel wings attached, because she truly was an angel through the eyes of this mother.

If you have or know of someone with a service dog or companion dog, I'd love to hear from you. Sharing the positive impact they have is heartwarming, motivating and educational.

Lastly, when considering who your charitable donations will go to this year, may I suggest you check out National Service Dogs website, and make a donation now to this very worth while organization. By doing so you can become a part of providing a powerful and positive force in peoples lives.

"It is amazing how much love and laughter they (dogs) bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them." - John Grogan







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