About Wanda








Stained glass in all forms is never static. From a young age I noticed over the course of a day it was animated by changing light. The patterns, colours and prisms changed as they wandered across the walls and floor as the sun shifted, inviting my rediscovery and thoughts to wander with it. As it did in yesteryear, it does today; it adds a little joy to my everyday when a stained glass piece captures my attention unexpectedly.

Historically stained glass was an important, meaningful and beautifying feature in the creation of churches and historic buildings. Today it is making a resurgence and I'm so glad we can appreciate the joyful and soothing effects it casts in our own homes and places of work.

I have been creating with stained glass since 2000. My instruction was received from various studios in the Elora, Kitchener-Waterloo and Stratford areas of Ontario. I quickly determined the Louis Tiffany copper foil method of construction best suited me, as it allowed for detailed design, with definitive outlines for depth and optical clarity that nature themed designs require. Unlike kiln fired glass, this method is entirely hand done which embodies the Slow Craft movement. A movement which resonates within me as I find the approach calming and therapeutic. It dictates I created my original designs in small batches, with each piece unique as there will be variations as I work.

As alluded to earlier, my work is influenced by prismatic colour, how colour or lack of colour effects each of us through the beauty in the natural world. I am inspired by my wandering discovery of Canada's sweeping and incredibly beautiful landscapes and the deceptively delicate appearance of pollinators that work magic in my garden and beyond sustaining us all.

In 2005 I opened an indoor shop at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market where I made and sold pieces of art to people from around the world. My original designs in my leaf collection were particularly popular and were purchased by local, national and worldwide customers. During my market years I also taught stained glass for the City of Kitchener at their Downtown Community Centre between 2007-2012. During this time I continued to refine the quality of my skill and expanded original collections while developing my own artistic signature style.

In 2013 I closed my market shop to allow more creative and working time in my private home studio. This also enabled me to attend juried arts and craft shows across Ontario. This shift and longevity in the arts world was achieved by my loyal customers who I am so grateful for and the unwavering support of my family and husband James.

I am looking forward to seeing where this journey leads to next and connecting with you along the way!