Prism Patch


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Hanging a soothing blue/green dragonfly suncatcher with a sparkling crystal water drop suspended from one wing tip in your home, is an excellent way to remind us to not delay what we can do today!

Dragonflies are amazing insects with fascinating behaviours, majestic flight and beautiful colours. It's an insect with an ancient past and inspiring symbolism: adaptability, change, transformation and rebirth. 

Their grace and beauty is a reminder of the brevity of every moment. Their adult lifespans are short. Dragonflies tells us we need to take advantage of every second and not to delay in pursuing our dreams.

Also, since they go through several stages, Dragonflies remind us that change is the only constant in life.

Further to their inspiring symbolism, I find dragonflies mesmerizing to watch along riverbanks, ponds, lakes and even visiting the small water feature at our home. If you can they are very beneficial to attract around your home because of the hundreds of mosquitoes one dragonfly can eat in a day. In fact 90% of their diet consists of mosquitoes and other disease spreading insects!

MATERIALS: Blue/Green Art Glass, Textured Clear Art Glass, 20mm European Crystal droplet, copper foil, copper wire, 60/40 solder, 2 black flat back eye crystals, black patina, wax, black ribbon.

SIZE APPROX: 7.5"W X 5.75"H

 ***NOTE: Please remember that each sheet of art glass with mixed colours is unique and one of a kind.  As a result the dragonfly you receive will not have the exact colour mix and placement as what is pictured in the photos. It may have more or less blue and or green than what is depicted in the photo.