Prism Patch


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This Prism Patch Canadian handmade original stained glass suncatcher showcases three amber/red maple leaves that will cast a warm glow on cloudy days and sparkle vibrantly on sunny days.  A graceful home décor accent rich in symbolism that was inspired while on a walk at the Shakespeare Conservation Area near my home.   It was there in late spring I noticed on a low hanging branch that the bottom three leaves where drastically different in shape and maturity. It caused me to reflect how each of us also change and grow in many ways over time...

MATERIALS: Stained glass, copper foil, twisted copper wire, solder, patina, wax

SIZE: 26.5cm x 49.5cm 

The Canadian flag, depicting the famous red maple leaf has come to symbolize unity, tolerance and peace. As a tree independent of country the maple symbolizes balance, promise, longevity, generosity and intelligence. This is linked to the trees ability to live for hundreds of years, adapt to different soil types and climates; produce oxygen; store carbon; produce sap as a food source and pollen in early spring for honeybees; timber for furniture/shelter...

What does the maple leaf mean to you and who do you think in your life would love to receive one as a gift?

*The popular Louis Tiffany construction method of stained glass is made with connective solder that contains lead. Always display out of the reach of children and wash hands after handling it.